"I Wish I'd Said That!": How to Talk Your Way Out of Trouble and Into Success

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Communication skills can begin or end a war and start or finish off a marriage. They can earn (or cost) you a promotion, get you into (or out of) hot water with your boss, and they can surely help you get (or lose) the job you want. Why? Because when you talk to another person, that person wants you to sound exactly like he or she sounds and when that doesn't happen, you have conflict! Most people react more to how you say something and less to what you've actually said. If you know how to talk to people with the sounds they want - and need - to hear, you can get them to respond in a positive way, and you'll be on your way to getting the results you want. Linda McCallister shows: . How to identify the six major styles of communication that exist in North America and perhaps the world: Noble, Socratic, Reflective, Magistrate, Candidate, and Senator. How to use communication style to control the outcome of important interactions and to get others to do what you want without generating resentment. How to deal with difficult people like "the boss from hell" or the person who expects you to read his mind because he'll never come out and say exactly what he wants. How to handle sensitive issues such as sexual harassment, personal hygiene, firings, salary negotiations, and motivation during tough economic times.

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