Images of the Ozarks Images of the Ozarks Images of the Ozarks

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The images collected in this text, showcase virtually the entire Ozark region - Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. River bluffs and rock formations, crystal-clear streams and lakes, waterfalls, historic covered bridges and mills, and wildlife are just some of the scenes pictured.


Kristie Lee has worked in the graphic arts/design profession for more than twenty years. She has been employed by the University of Missouri Press for the past eight years and has designed hundreds of books, including Images of Kansas City. She has also designed books for numerous other publishers.Charles J. Farmer is a full-time professional writer, specializing in firsthand outdoor adventure magazine articles and books. A resident of Ozark, Missouri, he has written books about fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, backpacking, outdoor cooking, and history. He cohosts a popular radio program called the "Outside Story" and is the author of Unspoiled Beauty: A Personal Guide to Missouri Wilderness and The Best of Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and Boating in Missouri: Tips from an Outdoor Enthusiast.
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