Indoor Grilling for Dummies

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April 2001



This friendly cookbook helps you choose a grill, understand the health and convenience benefits of indoor grilling, and enjoy 80 great recipes. Find out what all the fuss is about with "Indoor Grilling For Dummies" -- soon you'll be hooked on year-round grilling for its convenience, great taste, and health benefits.The book details the types of indoor grilling products, from grill pans to uncovered indoor electric and gas grills to covered grills. It describes easy techniques for grilling (outdoor and indoor), and provides 80 delicious recipes for marinades, spice rubs, and sauces, plus classic favorites like grilled chicken and grilled salmon to entertaining specialties like grilled Cornish hens and leg of lamb. The recipes are written for any indoor grilling device, with notes identifying when technique and timing adaptations may be needed with different products.


Introduction. PART I: Mastering Indoor Grilling. Chapter 1: Why Grill Indoors? Chapter 2: Choosing Indoor Grilling Equipment and Accessories. Chapter 3: Understanding the Basic Techniques of Grilling Indoors. PART II: Accounting for Taste. Chapter 4: Making Marinades and Rubs. Chapter 5: Serving Up Sauces. PART III: Getting Grilled. Chapter 6: Quick and Easy Favorites. Chapter 7: Beefing Up Your Repertoire. Chapter 8: Pork--Barrel Projects. Chapter 9: Getting a Bird's--Eye View of Poultry. Chapter 10: Plenty of Fish in the Sea. Chapter 11: Vegging Out. Chapter 12: Great Wraps and Salads. PART IV: Dressing Up for Dinner. Chapter 13: Warming Up the Crowd with Appetizers. Chapter 14: Making the Occasion Special. Chapter 15: Getting Your Just Desserts. PART V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 16: Ten Great Reasons to Grill Indoors. Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Make Grilling Healthy and Safe. Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Stay Lean and Healthy. Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Make Your Grilled Meals Memorable. Appendix: Resources. Index. Book Registration Information.


Lucy Wing, former food editor at McCall's and Country Living magazine, has been writing about grilling for ten years. Tere Drenth, a freelance writer and award--winning editor, grills nearly every day.
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