The Catholic Doctrine of Non-Christian Religions: According to the Second Vatican Council

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Januar 1992



The first comprehensive and detailed piece of research on Conciliar teaching concerning the nature of other faiths. The study is based on the original Latin and covers Conciliar and pre-conciliar documents, with special focus on the Declaration on the relation of the Church to Non-Christian religions (Nostra aetate).


Miikka Ruokanen, Th.D. (1983), University of Helsinki, is Lecturer of Dogmatics at the University of Helsinki. His publications include Hermeneutics as an Ecumenical Method in the theology of Gerhard Ebeling (1982), Doctrina divinitus inspirata, Martin Luther's Position in the Ecumenical Problem of Biblical Inspiration (1985), and several articles in English, German and Finnish.


Listed as one of 'Fifteen Outstanding Books of 1992' by the "International Bulletin of Missionary Research". '"Any researcher focused on the theological debate about religions will necessarily consult his comprehensive work."' James H. Kroeger, "Missiology", 1994. '"...it is extremely helpful to have this detailed study..."' Kenneth Cracknell, "International Review of Mission". '"Ruokanen's study is extremely readable, and will be of use to audiences ranging from the parish to the graduate seminar."' Kenn R. Trembath, "JAAR/JBL", 1994. '"This text is a clear presentation of an important corrective to many interpretations of "Nostra aetate.' Regina A. Boisclair, "Journal of Ecumenical Studies", 1994.
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