Journey of the Adopted Self

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April 1995



The author of the "adoptees'" bible--Lost and Found--explores for the first time the inner psychological world of adopted people and shows how their search for biological roots can be a journey towards wholeness.


The Self In Crisis * Betwixt and Between * The Mothered/Motherless Self * The Conspiracy of Silence * The Hidden Relationship * The Broken Narrative * Artificial Self, Forbidden Self * Stuck in the Life Cycle * The Antisocial Tendancy * The Adult Child The Self In Search * The Call to Self * Alternate Reality * The Painted Bird * The Fathered/Fatherless Self * The Found Adoptee * The Mark of Oedipus * The Adoption Tie The Self In Transformation * Becoming Whole * The Best Interests of the Adopted Child


Betty Jean Lifton, Ph.D., has done extensive research and counseling with all members of the adoption triad. She is the author of several books on adoption, including Twice Born: Memoirs of an adopted Daughter and Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience, as well as a young adult novel, I'm Still Me, and a children's book, Tell Me a Real Adoption Story. She is also the author of The King of Children: A Biography of Janusz Korczak and A Place Called Hiroshima.
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