Keeper of the House

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August 1995



In 1929, 14-year-old Minyon is given to the employment of a white madam in the famously elegant brothel called Hazelhedge in a coastal South Carolina community. As Minyon grows among the other black people who provide behind-the-scenes support for Hazelhedge, she cannot escape her childhood memories, yet still seeks to find her place in the world and peace within.


Rebecca T. Godwin is the author of Private Parts. She received National Endowment for the Arts grand for a portion of this novel: an excerpt also appeared in "The Paris Review." A South Carolina native, she works in communications at Bennington College, and now lives in Poestenskill, New York.


"Quite simply one of the most beautiful novels I have ever read." --Susan Dodd, Author of "Mamaw" and "Old Wive's Tales"
"Minyon's voice is beautiful music, a cello, a harp, a gospel moan." --Reginald McKnight, author of " I Get On the Bus"
"Beautifully rendered and flawlessly maintained Gullah speech that occasionally whispers of the easy lyricism of Zora Neale Hurston." --"Orlando Sentinel"
"A beautifully mesmerizing tale that will long be remembered. An absolute triumph." --Jill McCorkle
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