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Know Your Boat is here to rescue the millions of boaters who have always been afraid to peer into their boat's innards for fear of what they'll find. Here at last is the humorous, user-friendly guide that will give a timid skipper the courage to grab a wrench and tame the savage beast in the bilge (or at least make its acquaintance). Assuming no mechanical aptitude, David Kroenke provides readers with an easy-to-read introduction to the use and maintenance of the many systems found on today's typical power or sail boat, including: engine, electricity, electronics, plumbing, refrigeration, windlasses, pumps, and steering system.


1. What Were You Thinking?
The Beginning; Reality Sets In; The Process for Getting to Know Dulcinea
2. Keeping Your Boat Afloat
Through-Hulls; Types of Through-Hulls; The Through-Hull Inventory
3. Engine Basics
How Engines Work; Maintenance; Engine Troubleshooting; Are We Having Fun Yet?
4. Boat Electricity
Basic Ideas; A Basic Electrical System; A More Elaborate Electrical System (with Generator and Inverter); Electrical System Maintenance
5. Freshwater Plumbing and Watermakers
Understanding Your Freshwater System; Fixing Water Pressure Problems; Watermakers
6. Marine Toilets
Using Your Head; Basic Head Design; Toilet Problems
7. Stoves, Sinks, and Refrigeration
Stoves and Ovens; Sinks; Refrigeration
8. Steering, Autopilots, and Windlasses
Steering Systems; Autopilots; Wind Vanes; Windlasses
9. Sailboat Rigging
Standing Rigging; Running Rigging
10. Getting Ready for the Big Trip
The Schedule; Your List
Appendix 1. Spare Parts
Appendix 2. Tool Kit


David Kroenke has been a sailor since 1971 and currently owns a Mason 44. He has cruised the West Coast extensively, roamed the Inside Passage and the coast of British Columbia, and sailed to Mexico and back. His next Big Trip is a voyage to the Marquesas. Although he holds a Ph.D. in engineering, he claims his chief qualification for writing Know Your Boat is the self-education process he undertook after spending piles of money in boatyards.


Know Your Boat is here to rescue thousands of Rhode Island boat owners who have always hesitated to peer into their boat's innards for fear of what they'll find. Rhode Island Boating 20010122
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