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As Linux continues its rapid expansion into Corporate America, the demand for qualified administrators has grown. As the Cisco, Microsoft, A+ and other certifications have shown, professional certifications are often a deciding factor when an individual is considered for a job. The Linux Professional Institute Certification 1 offers the validation of skill level beyond the power-user and helpdesk level, at an entry-level admin base.
"LPIC 1 Certification Bible" is organized around the exam objectives.It includes self-assessment questions with each chapter as well as an inclusive practice exam at the end of the book. Plus, you'll find plenty of exam-taking tips and hints based on the live exams.
Covers: Exam LPI-101




Part I: Installing Linux and Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Installing Linux.

Chapter 2: Using the Shell.

Chapter 3: Installing Software.

Part II: Getting Around in Linux.

Chapter 4: Processing Text.

Chapter 5: Using Partitions and File Systems.

Chapter 6: Managing Files.

Chapter 7: Using Documentation.

Chapter 8: Understanding the Boot Process.

Chapter 9: Using X.

Part III: Administering Linux.

Chapter 10: Managing Users and Groups.

Chapter 11: Administering the System.

Chapter 12: Printing.

Chapter 13: Working with the Kernel.

Chapter 14: Using Shells and Scripts.

Part IV: Managing the Network.

Chapter 15: Networking Fundamentals.

Chapter 16: Managing Network Services.

Chapter 17: Managing Security.

Appendix A: What's on the CD-ROM.

Appendix B: Practice Exams.

Appendix C: Objective Mapping.

Appendix D: Exam Tips.



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Angie Nash is an IT Consultant for her own firm, Tarheel Solutions. She works primarily with Linux and Microsoft operating systems to provide solutions for small businesses. Her free time is spent adding new products to her arsenal. She can be reached at angie@the-nashes.net.
Jason Nash currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife Angie (Another CNE and MCSE!) and works for Advanced Paradigms, Inc. Advanced Paradigms is one of the top Microsoft Solution Providers in the country. His certifications include MCSEx2, MCT, Novell CNE, and CNP (Certified Network Professional). He is currently finishing his MCSD and working on a Bachelors of Computer Science.
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