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Juli 2001



A new look at the West Florida and Alabama Gulf shoreline, in the context of burgeoning development and revised coastal regulations.


David M. Bush is Associate Professor of Geology at State University of West Georgia.Norma J. Longo is a geologist who lives in Durham, North Carolina.William J. Neal is Professor of Geology at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.Luciana S. Esteves is a coastal geologist who lives in Brazil.Orrin H. Pilkey is James B. Duke Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Emeritus, at Duke University.Deborah F. Pilkey is an engineer who lives in Simi Valley, California.


"The coastal areas covered in this book are highly susceptible to severe hurricane damage. Recent storms (particularly Andrew and Opal) have been especially devastating, but have also provided clues to better methods of damage mitigation and coastline protection. The authors here explore numerous aspects of this topic, including construction techniques, shoreline engineering, and coastal regulations. They discuss the natural processes that lead to these disasters and look back at the history of storms in the region. A valuable feature of this work is an analysis of the susceptibility of specific beaches along the Gulf to storm damage."
--American Meteorological Society Bulletin
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