The Magical Maze: Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes

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August 1999



Enter the magical maze of mathematics and explore the surprising passageways of a fantastical world where logic and imagination converge. For mathematics is a maze— a maze in your head— a maze of ideas, a maze of logic. And that maze in your mind is a powerful tool for understanding an even bigger maze— the one of cause and effect that we call " the universe." That is its special kind of magic. Real magic. Strange magic. Infinitely fascinating magic. Acclaimed author Ian Stewart lea you swiftly and humorously through the junctions, byways, and secret passages of the magical maze to reveal its beauty, surprise, and power. Along the way, he reveals the infinite possibilities that arise from what he calls " the two-way trade between the natural world and the human mind." If you’ ve always loved mathematics, you will find endless delights in the twists and turns of The Magical Maze. If you’ ve always hated mathematics, a trip through this marvelous book will do much to change your mind.

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