Managing and Preventing Prostate Disorders

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Over 12 million men in the U.S. today suffer from some form of prostate disorder, and the incidence of cancer and other prostate problems is two to three times greater for African-American men than for whites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that by the year 2020 these figures will have doubled.Yet well-established and current research indicates that prostate disorders are largely preventable, and for those already afflicted, their symptoms are manageable using a wide variety of natural means.This book about prostate health contains lifesaving information that every man and his family should know: -- Who is at risk?-- Preventable options-- Safe, natural treatments for prostate disordersDr. Redmond shows how mind, body and emotions interact with and promote the overall health of the immune system. Prevention and treatment options feature: -- Nutrition and dietary recommendations-- Enzyme therapies-- Energy medicine-- Highly effective herbs and supplements-- Detoxification programs ... and moreAlso included: -- A 25-step wellness plan-- How to set up a personalized maintenance program-- A complete resource and referral guide


George L Redmon PhD
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