The Medieval City Under Siege

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Dezember 1999



Warfare in Europe in the middle ages underwent a marked change of emphasis as urban life expanded. Suitable for specialists as well as general readers, this work follows the history of siege warfare, exploring the urban milieu within which it developed, and the evolution of siege technology up to the advent of gunpowder weaponry.


Introduction - new perspectives on medieval siege warfare, Michael Wolfe; siege warfare and cities - life on the cutting edge - the besieged town on the Luso-Hispanic frontier in the 12th century, James F. Powers; the medieval German city under siege, Michael Toch; siege warfare and the "bonnes villes" of France during the Hundred Years war, Michael Wolfe; siege technologies and urban fortifications - town defences in the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, Denys Pringle; Byzantine siege warfare in theory and practice, Eric McGeer; artillery in late antiquity - prelude to the Middle Ages, Paul E. Chevedden; siege as metaphor and literary event - siege warfare in medieval Hispanic epic and romance, Michael Harney; the slings and arrows of outrageous love in the "Roman de la rose", Heather Arden; chivalry under siege in Ricardian romance, Winthrop Wetherbee; siege warfare in transition - the impact of gunpowder weaponry on siege warfare in the Hundred Years war, Kelly DeVries; siegecraft in late-15th century Italy, Michael Mallett; the changing face of siege warfare - technology and tactics in transition, Bert S. Hall.


The role of sieges remains determinedly under-researched: this substantial book makes an important and stimulating contribution in redressing the balance. MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY
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