The Mortmere Stories

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September 1997



With an Introduction by Katherine Bucknell. Although legendary in literary and academic circles, these sometimes gothic, sometimes grotesque, and often hilarious stories are published here for the first time. Christopher lsherwood and his old school friend, Edward Upward, were Cambridge undergraduates in the early 1920s when they engaged in a literary attack on the dons and the "poshocracy" the fashionable and wealthy students. The stories are important milestones, offering a glimpse of the initial literary styles of two authors who later became famous -- the meticulous, experimental, intellectually rigorous Upward, and the prodigiously talented lsherwood creating an extraordinary world in an engaging manner.


Edward Upward was born in 1903. While at Cambridge he created with Christopher Isherwood a series of stories about the fictitious village of Mortmere. After graduating from Cambridge he was a private tutor and for thirty years a schoolmaster, until his retirement in 1961. His first novel, Journey to the Border, was published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press in 1938 and between 1962 and 1977 Heinemann published his trilogy The Spiral Ascent. Upward's The Railway Accident and Other Stories was a Penguin Classic. Since 1994 Enitharmon has been his exclusive publisher, issuing a series of critically acclaimed stories as well as memoirs of Isherwood and Auden.Christopher Isherwood was born in England in 1904, came to the U.S. in 1939 and lived in Santa Monica from then until his death in 1986. He is probably best known for The Berlin Stories, stories that fictionalize his life in pre-World War II Berlin and that were adapted as the stage play I Am a Camera and the popular musical Cabaret.
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