New Dimensions in Investor Relations: Competing for Capital in the 21st Century

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November 1997



The acknowledged bible on investor relations Investor relations is an essential facet of any publicly traded company, inevitably affecting its stock price, investments, and liquidity. Maximizing Your Investor Relations provides practical guidance needed to master this complex undertaking and advocate persuasively on your company's behalf to achieve greater recognition and value. Comprehensive and thoughtful, it focuses on controlling the day-to-day mechanics of investor relations to more effectively compete for capital. BRUCE W. MARCUS (Easton, Connecticut) has held senior executive positions with Mobil Corporation, Arthur Young & Co., and Coopers and Lybrand. SHERWOOD LEE WALLACE (Northbrook, Illinois) is President and CE of the Investor Relations Company.


The Art and Craft of Investor Relations. The Marketing Approach. The Cast of Characters. The Changing Landscape of Analysis. Working with the Financial Community. The Computer in Investor Relations. Corporate Communications. The Financial and Business Media. Rules of Disclosure: The SEC and the Markets. Going Public. Shareholder Relations. The Investor Relations Counsel. Competing for Capital. Appendices. Index.
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