New England Frontier, 3rd Edition

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April 1995



In contrast to most accounts of Puritan-Indian relations, New England Frontier argues that the first two generations of Puritan settlers were neither generally hostile toward their Indian neighbors nor indifferent to their territorial rights. Rather, American Puritans-especially their political and religious leaders-sought peaceful and equitable relations as the first step in molding the Indians into neo-Englishmen.

With a new introduction, this third edition affords the reader a clear, balanced overview of a complex and sensitive area of American history.

"Vaughan has exhaustively examined the records and written a book of indispensable value to any student of colonial New England."-New York Times Book Review

Alden T. Vaughan, Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University is the author or editor of numerous books, including The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620-1730, New England's Prospect, and Puritans among the Indians.
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