New Poems from the Third Coast

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Januar 2006



In 1976, Wayne State University Press published The Third Coast: Contemporary Michigan Poetry, an anthology that offered a sampling of the best poetry written by Michigan writers. A second Third Coast anthology was published in 1988 with many new poets and a wider range of styles. New Poems from the Third Coast continues that tradition with fifty-six writers from across the state sharing their poetic glimpse of trout streams, schoolrooms, and restaurants, as well as portraits of friends, families, lovers, and life in Michigan.Although this collection is only a sampling of the rich literary culture alive in Michigan, New Poems from the Third Coast is a lively, and carefully-crafted collection of poems from a variety of Michigan voices. Michael Delp, Conrad Hilberry, and Josie Kearns have balanced the old and the new and combined them in a strong contribution to contemporary poetry.Readers will find in this collection a glimpse of the preoccupations and passions that are moving these American poets is at the end of the century. Lovers of poetry and students and scholars interested in regional literature will find an exhilarating range of styles in this volume.


Michael Delp is the director of creative writing at Interlochen Arts Academy. He is the author of numerous books, including The Coast of Nowhere; Meditations on Rivers, Lakes, and Streams (Wayne State University Press, 1997), Under the Influence of Water; Poems, Essays, and Stories (Wayne State University Press, 1992), and Over the Graves of Horses (Wayne State University Press, 1989). Conrad Hilberry is professor of English at Kalamazoo College. He is the author of Player Piano (Louisiana State University Press, 1999), Sorting the Smoke (University of Iowa Press, 1990), Luke Karamazov (Wayne State University Press, 1987), and The Moon Seen as a Slice of Pineapple (University of Georgia Press, 1984). Josie Kearns is a professor of English at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Life After the Line (Wayne State University, 1990) and New Numbers (New Issues Press, 2000).
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