Not a Chance

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November 2000



These haunting, intricately textured fictions are like individually wrapped dreams recording the struggle of contemporary consciousness for placement and connection.


Jessica Treat is the author of "A Robber in the House, " a collection of short-short stories that Mary Gaitskill called "rigorous and sensual, dream-like and resolutely cerebral...wry magic." Her stories, essays, prose poems, and translations have been widely published in anthologies and literary journals, including "Epoch," "Quarterly West," "Black Warrior Review," "American Literary Review," and "Ms. Magazine." Treat has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was awarded the "Dominion Review Fiction Award." In 2001 she received an Artist Fellowship Award for further work in fiction from the CT Commission on the Arts; she has also received Artist Fellowship Awards from the Fundacion Valparaiso (1998) and Civitella Ranieri (2008). Born in Canada, she grew up in New England and lived for a number of years in Mexico City. Treat is Professor of English at Northwestern Connecticut Community College, where she coordinates the annual "Mad River Literary Festival," co-chairs the Cultural Planning Committee, and serves as Faculty Advisor to the Spanish Club. In 2007, she received the "Award for Distinguished Service & Educational Excellence Award."
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