On Our Own Terms

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Januar 1995



The press-dubbed "Decade of the Woman" has concentrated on political and social achievements of American women. In a quieter, but equally vital arena, women have been wielding their influence in the business world for some time. Yet, their accomplishments go largely unnoticed by the press, robbing the public in general - and aspiring women in particular - of much needed role-models. On Our Own Terms fills the information vacuum by providing a look into the lives of fifteen highly successful business women. The women selected represent a cross-section of American women in ethnicity, age, geography, and business experience. All of these women have had to make sacrifices to meet the challenges along their diverse routes to leadership. Rather than relying on the traditional business school model of how to succeed in the workplace, each of these women has invented her own path to success by drawing on the unique resources available to her - from her natural talents, instincts, and passions, to family values, ethnic heritage, and distinctive approaches to business and life.

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