Once More Around the Park: A Baseball Reader

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Februar 2001



One of the most celebrated baseball writers of our time has selected his favorite pieces from the last 40 years to create this definitive volume of his most memorable work. Angell includes writing never previously collected as well as selections from "The Summer Game, Five Seasons, Late Innings" and "Season Tickets".


Part 1 Preface ix Part 2 Box Scores 3 Part 3 from: The "Go!" Shouters 5 Part 4 Days and Nights with the Unbored 10 Part 5 Three for the Tigers 24 Part 6 Gone for Good 43 Part 7 from: Agincourt and After 69 Part 8 On the Ball 86 Part 9 from: Several Stories with Sudden Endings 95 Part 10 from: Wilver's Way 99 Part 11 So Long at the Fair 117 Part 12 Distance 125 Part 13 The Web of the Game 153 Part 14 In the Country 170 Part 15 In the Fire 203 Part 16 Life in the Pen 230 Part 17 from: Not So, Boston 236 Part 18 from: La Vida 267 Part 19 from: The Arms Talks 278 Part 20 Celebration 304 Part 21 No, But I Saw the Game 325 Part 22 from: The Interior Stadium 347


Roger Angell is senior fiction editor of the New Yorker magazine and the author of, among other books, A Day in the Life of Roger Angell, The Summer Game, Five Seasons, Late Innings, and Season Ticket. He lives in New York City.


No one writes more evocatively about the craft and magic of baseball than Roger Angell. --Michiko Kakutani "The New York Times "
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