Wolves: A One Whole Day Book

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September 2001



This close-up look at a family of timber wolves in the wild reveals the true nature and personalities of these fascinating creatures. Arnosky's beautifully detailed paintings and lyrical text allow youngsters to see wolves playing, eating, exploring, giving chase, and relaxing. Full-color illustrations.


Jim Arnosky is the award-winning author and illustrator of more than 50 books for children. Each one has been inspired by his desire to share his enthusiasm for nature and the knowledge he has gained from observing it. His talent for captivating children with his sense of wonder has earned him the Washington Post-Children's Book Guild Award for his overall contribution to nonfiction for children and the Eva L. Gordon Award for outstanding children's science literature. He lives in South Ryegate, Vermontwith his wife, Deanna.
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Untertitel: 'One Whole Day'. Empfohlen von 8 bis 12 Jahren. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2001
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