The Oregon Trail: Yesterday and Today

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April 1987



Hill's book is a concise and interesting explanation of what the Oregon Trail was really like. He blends history, maps, guides, diaries/journals, and old drawings with his contemporary photographs and experiences. Includes information about many new visitor centers along the route.


William E. Hill is the author of several books on historic, western trails including "The Oregon Trail," "Yesterday and Today"; "The Lewis and Clark Trail, Yesterday and Today"; and "The Santa Fe Trail, Yesterday and Today" all published by Caxton Press. He is now retired from teaching and living in New York state.


"William E. Hill's book is visually rich, intellectually strong and tightly organized to present such a variety of historical information in a brief format. Most of all, its practical and usable by those who travel in the areas so carefully mapped here and crossed by the Oregon Trail. Clearly the result of years of direct contact and caring experience with an important segment of our history, this volume belongs in the hands of many individuals from all walks of life who can relate to the geography, history and courageous, restless spirit that drove pioneers across the Oregon Trail." - Christine F.V. Shirley, The Californians
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