Effects of Dry Ice and Superchilling on Arctic Charr Fillets

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November 2011



Superchilling is based on lowering temperature close to the freezing point of the fish (0°C to -4°C) using different cooling agents such as refrigerated air, brine, refrigerated sea water, chilled sea water, liquid ice and dry ice. Under superchilled conditions, the spoilage bacterial growth is reduced resulting in extended shelf life. Therefore, the aim of this project summarized in this book has been to investigate whether superchilling by dry ice can be applied to improve quality and shelf life of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) fillets. The results show that it is possible to more than double shelf life of Arctic charr fillets by the combination of superchilling and dry ice. The observation did not detect cell destruction due to partial freezing or soured taste due to the absorption of CO2 gas in the fish flesh.


Huynh Nguyen Duy Bao was born in 1972 in Vietnam. He obtained a B.S. in 1995 and then Master of Engineering in 2003 at the University of Fisheries, Vietnam. In 2009, he was awarded Ph.D. of Applied Marine Biosciences at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. He has been working at the Nha Trang University as Lecturer since 1996.
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