Politics in Zimbabwe in the 21st Century

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November 2011



The formation of a government of national unity in 2009 at the backdrop of September 2008 Global Political Agreement marked a new era in Zimbabwean politics. This was a unity arising from political contestations that emerged at the turn into the 2000 new millennium, and had a ripple effect leading to an economic meltdown and political malaise. Key to the unity government has been an attempt to try and find answers to a problem that has been bedeviling the Zimbabwe society since time immemorial. Divisions that has dominated Zimbabwe political arena had resulted in non conducive human insecurity often leading to abuses, loss of livelihoods, de-humanising acts, corruption, and political violence. Given such background the government of national unity saw it fit to come up with an organ to deal with these issues under the framework of national healing, reconciliation and integration in Zimbabwe. It is from this framework that the book seeks to highlight on contemporary issues that impinge on national healing, reconciliation and integration processes in Zimbabwe.


Percyslage Chigora is a lecturer of political science in the Department of History and Development Studies, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. He has published a number of articles on politics in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe's international relations.
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