Radioactivity in Northern Sudan

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November 2011



Northern State of Sudan showed the highest rate of cancer prevalence according to the national cancer registry program, and it is claimed to be attributable to radiation as a caustic factor. This study is primarily conducted to investigate the presence of up normal radioactivity in the State as claimed publicly to provide more rational and scientific forum to address the public outcry over the issue of cancer incidence. Extensive measurements of the contents of natural radionuclides in soil samples has been done. Activity concentration of gamma emitters in soil samples have been measured using high resolution ¿-spectrometry, absorbed dose rate in air at a height of 1m from the surface was calculated using seven sets of DRCF and the corresponding annual effective dose was estimated. Prediction maps for activity concentrations and absorbed dose rate was produced by using GIS to show its trend which found to be consistent with its geological formations .The results obtained in this work provides a better understanding of the causes of fluctuation in dose rates of environmental radiation in the investigated areas and help tailoring public radiation programmes on sound scientific bases


Einas Bashier has obtained her MSc. degree in radiation physics in 2007. She worked to Radiation Safety Institute of Sudan Atomic Energy Commission since 1999 and she has worked in different national and regional radiation protection projects,she is a co-author of several articles puplished in a reputed journals in the field of medical physics.
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