A Cognitive Model of Intergenerational Familial Transfer of Anxiety

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November 2011



The existing literature has consistently demonstrated the aggregation of anxiety in families, and suggested that cognitive factors are important in the etiology and maintenance of anxiety. However, few studies have investigated the role of cognitive factors and mechanisms in the familial transmission of anxiety. Limited research on the cognitive measures and models of anxiety has also been conducted in the Asian context. This book seeks to address the existing gaps in the literature by investigating the role of cognitive factors in the psychopathology and familial transmission of anxiety in an Asian context.


1) Yen Fern Chaw, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), University of Queensland, Australia. Senior Clinical Psychologist at Changi General Hospital, Singapore. 2) Tian Po Oei, Ph.D., FAPS, Emeritus Professor at School of Psychology, University of Queensland. Director of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Unit at Toowong Private Hospital, Australia.
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