Production of Friesians in the Hot Climate Conditions

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November 2011



In the Middle East sub-tropical countries, many batches of Friesians have been introduced, either from Holland and Germany (as Friesian) or from the U.S.A. (as Holstein Friesian), during the last decades. Under the sub-tropical conditions, production of such animals is faced by many problems, of which exposure to elevated ambient temperature is the most important. In the following, are some of the studies which were carried in our labs in this respect, including 15 chapters in 6 parts. These parts are: a. Friesians adaptability and their introduction, management and improvement in the new hot localities, b. Environment discomfort and sustainability of milkability during life time in newly imported Holstein and Friesian cows and in their locally born offspring, c. Photoperiodic manipulation, new techniques for freezing Friesian semen and some comparisons between Friesians on one side and each of Holsten-Friesians and Buffaloes on the other side, d. Techniques in feed processing, Vitamin E, selenium or vitamin E + selenium in reproduction and use of soils in feeds, e. Diseases and f. Some genetic background


I. Fayez M.S. Marai studied Animal Production as B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Cairo University, Egypt. Acted as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor at Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, Egypt. Published 238 research papers, 80 scientific articles and 18 technical articles and edited 5 Books in English: one was translated to Spanish.
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