The Use of Media Resources in Higher Learning Institutions

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November 2011



The use of media resources enhances teaching and learning but has challenges due to individual, technological and organizational factors. On the basis of a study aimed at establishing the appropriateness of the use of media resources, the author discusses factors contributing to the use and adoption of media resources. Dr. Kei argues that lecturers in learning institutions should be trained in the use of media resources. He further opines that establishment of instructional media centres in learning institutions would greatly support teaching and learning. He observes that the use of media resources should be supported by appropriate policies and maintenance of media equipment. This book is a must-read to lecturers and students in institutions of higher learning in Kenya and beyond.


Dr. Robert M. Kei holds D.Phil. in Medical Education (Moi University) and M.Ed. in Health Promotion (University of Bristol). He worked in the Ministry of Health (health inspection and promotion) for 21 years. Dr. Kei lectures in the School of Public Health, Moi University, where he is Head, Department of Environmental Health.
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