Collaborative Environmental Stewardship

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November 2011



This is a case study of the Mid Van Duzen River watershed focusing on processes of collaboration and stakeholder involvement affecting watershed management and environmental stewardship practices. Through theory drawn from fields of alternative dispute resolution, range management, sociology, natural resource planning and management, and public policy, this project provides an in-depth understanding of identity, stewardship,and social capital issues in collaborative approaches to watershed management.The goal of this project is to be able to provide a concise picture of the land stewardship activities and sediment load reduction progress of the Yager/Van Duzen Environmental Stewards (YES),a small non-profit watershed group of local private landowners, highlighting the group's voluntary efforts in addressing regulatory challenges while striving to maintain their ranching culture and economic livelihood. The primary outcome of this project is a case study and multi-page printed publication for YES to be used as an outreach tool demonstrating the social, economic and environmental benefits of voluntary collaborative efforts of non-governmental stakeholders and governmental agencies.


EDUCATION: M.A. Social Science, Humboldt State University, 2011; B.S. Ecological Studies, Sheldon Jackson College, 2002.PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (NATURAL RESOURCE ANALYSIS): Watershed Coordinator, Yager/Van Duzen Environmental Stewards 2010/11; Plant and Cultural Resource & Ethnobotanical Research Specialist, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, 2006/07 & 2004.
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