An Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling System

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November 2011



The importance of the integration between the production planning and operations scheduling forces by it's direct effect on the overall performance of the system in terms of quality of services to the customer and cost to the organization. The main objective of the proposed work is constructing an Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling (APPS) model, in addition to applying the developed model to an industrial case study. The proposed research aims at studying a selected case of the batch process industry. Batch operations are economically desirable, especially when small or large amounts of products are made using similar production paths. A batch process is frequently found in the fast moving consumer goods industry, in food processing, chemical manufacturing, oil refining, and in the pharmaceutical industries. The APPS model was implemented in a real world case study for an industrial company that supplies many fast moving consumer goods in Egypt. Results illustrate the contribution of the proposed model and its efficient use in the design of production planning and scheduling decisions.


Nagham El-Berishy is an Assistant Lecturer in Production Engineering Department, Alexandria University, Egypt. She received her MSc degree in Industrial Engineering in the same depertment. In 2010, she received a German Egyptian Research Long-term Scholarship to carry out her PhD research in Logistics in Germany.
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