Floating Sex Workers in Dhaka City

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November 2011



This paper explores the working and living conditions of floating sex workers in Dhaka city with special emphasize on violation and denial of their human rights.It discusses the concepts of sex work and the capabilities approach by M. Nussbaum and applies them to the study of FSW's.This study is based on primary data and traces the causes to enter this profession due to rural poverty and patriarchy. The constant threat due to violence, vulnerability to STDs/HIV, limited scope to return to mainstream society as programs taken by government and NGOs are not adequate, limited scope to send their children for education due to absence of father's name and mother's profession,frustration because of absence of burial rights after their death,limited space to control over their environment have been identified as major problems for them. This paper draws attention to the importance of revisiting the contradictory laws and constitution of Bangladesh which have worsened their situations. At the end the paper has explored different arguments for de-criminalization, prohibition/abolition and recognition of this profession for these underprivileged people.


Md.Reazul Haque is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Development Studies,University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. His areas of study are MSS and MPhil in Public Administration(University of Dhaka, Masters in Development Studies (ISS,The Netherlands)& PhD(Department of Women's Studies)Flinders University of South Australia.
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