Leadership and leadership education in Sweden 2010

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November 2011



This book depictures the market situation and trend in the field of Swedish leadership, based on a master thesis investigating the prominent suppliers within leadership education in Sweden. It takes the reader on a historical journey and deliver a broad and professional description about the most well known concepts, refering to well known and modern theories. Furthermore it directs its focus on the dominating approach today and connects that content with the current swedish values. The authors are then analyzing the situation in an insitutional approach and the swedish situation is summed up and explored in av very deep, interesting and ciritcal perspective.


Mr Peter Östling holds an M Sc in organizational sociology as well as an M Sc in business administration. His academic focus is directed into management and leadership preferably concerning strategic and change management. He is a trained miltary officer and has been holding several management positions and is now running New Management in Sweden.
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