Financial Access by Women in Kenya A Case of Eldoret Municipality

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November 2011



Microfinance has gained popularity in the recent past as an effective tool in the fight against poverty.Women comprise a higher proportion of the poorest poor in the world and because of their ability to provide social capital,they have been targeted by most micro-credit providers.It is an established fact that when women access financial services,households are empowered socially and economically.This is an MDG initiative to reduce poverty levels by half by 2015. The author of this book reveals the level of access to financial services by women entrepreneurs and explicitly identifies and explains the institutional,women personal characteristics,demographic,household,social, economic and cultural impediments that women face frequently in accessing financial services.This book provides recommendations at policy, institutional and direct/indirect levels which when positively viewed would go a long way in scaling up access to financial services by women entrepreneurs in Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.It is a book you would not miss to get a copy!


Mr Wachilonga is a PhD student at Jomo Kenyatta University and holds an MBA finance from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.He is an established educator and consultant.He is currently lecturing at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Mount Kenya University in the school of Business.He is married with two pretty girls and a son
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