Rising China's Regional Policy in East Asia

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November 2011



If China's economic and military capabilities were to exceed those of the US, China would have great influence in the region and even might become the regional leader. In the future, China may not be strong enough to become a benign regional leader regardless of the aspects of hard power and soft power. However, a constructivist perspective can provide directions for China's construction of a benign leader image. The analysis should help shed some light on the future of China's position in the world, and should be especially useful to professionals in the fields of China studies and international politics, or anyone else who may be interested in China and international relations.


Dr Shulan Ye is now teaching in the Department of Politics at the East China Normal University. She obtained her PhD degree at Hong Kong Baptist University and her Master's and Bachelor's degree at Peking University. She was a visiting scholar in the Centre of Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia in 2009.
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