Pacific Tremors

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Dezember 2001



Ez Keneret and Wendell Spear are Hollywood veterans who have committed the only sin in the movie business: they've grown old. Having been cast aside by younger producers, directors, writers, reviewers, actors, and even their own families, the two friends must confront both their obsolescence and the harsh reality that the art they appreciate (and profit from) is really just a business powered by money and celebrity. Spear, fading in the Malibu hills, is consoled and diverted by his granddaughter, Jennifer Abarbanel, a San Francisco lawyer. Keneret, given one more chance to make a film by his mercurial millionaire backer, centers it around Leet de Loor, a young Frenchwoman he's discovered in Fiji. As the two brilliant veterans slide toward oblivion, the equally brilliant young women rise in the paradisal new world of the Pacific Rim, even as it trembles with terrestrial and human faults.


RICHARD STERN was born in 1928 in New York City and published his first novel, Golk (Criterion), in 1960. His novels include Stitch (Harper and Row, 1965), Other Men's Daughters (Dutton, 1973), and Natural Shocks (Coward McCann, 1978). His short story collections include Teeth Dying and Other Matters (1964) and Noble Rot: Stories 1949-88 (Grove, 1989). The memoir Sistermony (Donald I. Fine, 1995) won the Heartland Award for Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year. Stern has contributed to many periodicals here and abroad and is the Helen Regenstein Professor of English at the University of Chicago where he has taught since 1955.
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