Pastor, Our Marriage Is in Trouble: A Guide to Short-Term Counseling

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April 1992



Acting with genuine care and concern, pastors can be effective in helping married couples resolve difficulties and discover reconciliation, joy, and love. The question often is, "How do I do it?" In Pastor, Our Marriage Is in Trouble, Charles L. Rassieur, an experienced counselor, outlines a step-by-step approach that takes the pastor from beginning to end in a process of short-term intervention and counseling. A helpful tool in the process is the Pastoral Marriage Counseling Questionnaire, which can be used in gathering essential information about both spouses and their relationships. In addition, you'll find important information about: a rationale for the need and opportunity for pastoral intervention in troubled marriages how the marriage counseling process begins with the initial pastoral contact with one or both spouses help for the pastor in preparing for individual counseling sessions with each spouse important topics for marriage counseling regardless of which approach or model is used the last two sessions of counseling: deciding whether to end counseling, to refer the couple to other professional resources, or to contract with the couple for further counseling sessions


Contents Preface Introduction to Pastoral Marriage Counseling Initiating Short-Term Marriage Counseling Individual Sessions with Each Spouse Concluding Joint Sessions Special Concerns in Marriage Counseling Pastoral Marriage Counseling Questionnaire Notes Recommended Reading
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