Petersburg: Out of the Trenches

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September 1998



By March 1865, nearly four years of our Civil War had exhausted both Northern and Southern armies, but the defenders of besieged Petersburg knew that only a break through the lines would free them to fight another day. When John B. Gordon's assault at Fort Stedman failed and Philip Sheridan swept Lee's right flank away at Five Forks, the only option left was a fighting retreat to join Joseph E. Johnston's army in North Carolina.Petersburg traces the individuals who took part in that desperate fighting which forced Robert E. Lee to retreat westward. Colonel Wensyel showcases not only the personalities of major characters like Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Robert E. Lee, but also brings to life the ordinary soldier of both sides. Using Joshua Chamberlain, one of the heroes of Gettysburg, as a central figure, the author tells the story of the siege of Petersburg and evacuation of Richmond through scenes, conversations, and thoughts. Though written as historical fiction, the background and events are accurately researched and portrayed. This book vividly recreates the people and events of the last few weeks of the war.

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