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From a young age, the author knew two things: He was gay, and he loved television. Now presiding over Bravo's reality-TV empire, he started out as an overly talkative pop-culture obsessive, devoted to Charlie's "Angels" and "All My Children". This title provides glimpse into the world of television, from a fan who grew up watching the screen.


Andy Cohen is Bravo's executive vice president of Development and Talent, responsible for overseeing the production of such hits as "Top Chef "and "The Real Housewives" franchises. In addition, Cohen is the host and executive producer of "Watch What Happens Live," Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show. He also hosts the network's reunion specials. He's won an Emmy and two Peabody Awards for his work, and he lives in New York City.


"[Cohen] is funny as Augusten Burroughs used to be...["Most Talkative"] requires zero interest in 'Top Chef, ' 'Real Housewives' or anything else on Bravo to find him highly entertaining company through this joke-filled joy ride."--"The New York Times""Andy Cohen's new book "Most Talkative" is laugh-out-loud funny. Anyone who likes pop culture will really like this book. It's a perfect read for this summer."--Anderson Cooper "Ladies, put "50 Shades" aside for Andy Cohen's "Most Talkative", a book about friendship, family, and fun. His coming out story will break your heart."--Jessica Seinfeld ""Most Talkative" is Andy Cohen's story from starting out as an intern for CBS news and working his way up the ranks through programming and then eventually becoming a personality himself. He's a really funny writer!"--Kelly Ripa "A wonderfully fun, funny and inspirational journey, peppered with colorful, crisis prone women. I loved it! "Most Talkative" is most read-ative!"--Amy Sedaris, author of "I Like You" and "Simple Times"
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