My City

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April 2013



Heralding a return to the stage for renowned dramatist Stephen Poliakoff, My City is a lyrical exploration of storytelling, interwoven personal and political histories, memory and the ties of the past.


Stephen Poliakoff, CBE, FRSL, is an acclaimed playwright, director and screenwriter and is recognised as one of the UK's leading dramatists. His most recent work includes a number of high-profile and critically acclaimed TV dramas: The Lost Prince (BBC, 2003) winner of three Emmy Awards, Friends and Crocodiles (BBC, 2005), Gideon's Daughter (BBC, 2006) winner of two Golden Globes and a Peabody Award, Joe's Palace and Capturing Mary (BBC, 2007) and Glorious 39 (2009).


There is richness here: themes of nostalgia, of a city haunted by its past, of confidence and hope and the sadness of children's freshness evaporating into common day and compromise. -- Libby Purves The Times 20110916 The play's tour of London by night involves many discrete, intriguing stories; the play, like much of Poliakoff's work, makes you look at the metropolis with fresh eyes. -- Michael Billington Guardian 20110916
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