Politics and the Novel

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Juli 2002



The classic investigation of the role of revolutionary ideas in fiction. Mr. Howe establishes the role of the political novel and traces its growth into the twentieth century; he explains why American novels failed to integrate ideology; and he discusses political fiction after World War II. "An intelligent, penetrating, lucid, graceful, persuasive, and altogether splendid book." New Republic. With an Introduction by David Bromwich.


Part 1 Introduction 1 Part 2 Preface 11 Part 3 Part I 13 Chapter 4 The Idea of the Political Novel 15 Chapter 5 Stendhal: The Politics of Survival 25 Chapter 6 Dostoevsky: The Politics of Salvation 51 Chapter 7 Conrad: Order and Anarchy 76 Chapter 8 Turgenev: The Politics of Hesitation 114 Chapter 9 Henry James: The Political Vocation 139 Part 10 Part II 157 Chapter 11 Some American Novelists: The Politics of Isolation 159 Part 12 Part III 201 Chapter 13 Malraux, Silone, Koestler: The Twentieth Century 203 Chapter 14 Orwell: History as Nightmare 235 Part 15 Epilogue: Politics and the Novel After Politics and the Novel 252


Irving Howe (1920-1993), a leading New York intellectual, founded Dissent magazine and was regarded as one of the most influential American literary critics. His other books include World of Our Fathers, A Treasury of Yiddish Stories, and William Faulkner (published by Ivan R. Dee).


A classic work on its subject by one of our most celebrated intellectual figures.--Mitchell Cohen
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