Responses Of Some Legume Crops To Irrigation And Growth Regulators

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Common Vetch, Cow pea, Faba bean,Lentil and Pea cultivars were included in this book. Field and laboratory investigations were related to seed germination performance of varying cultivars under matric potential water stress using filter papers (no ion attraction),varying osmotic created by dissolving sodium chloride (Ion attraction), and in soil (combination of osmotic and matric potentials). Field trails were conducted to study the role water stress Irrigation, supplementary irrigation, rainfall incidences on growth, flowering and yield besides the anatomical alterations that can be caused by the above mentioned parameters. Furthermore, growth regulators and micro nutrients were applied to find out the possibilities of these materials in mitigating the adverse effects of water scarcities on rooting, growth, flowering and yield.Finally,all used cultivars were categorized according to their relation to drought, as some were drought escape,conservatives, semi-conservatives.


This book covers various aspects of RAPD marker. The book also focuses on the general processes of genetic diversity of different variety in a particular species.This book assumes the reader has little knowledge of the subject and clearly explains its importance. It is a perfect introductory text for any professional who need to learn the basics.
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