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As a mother, writer, researcher, and teacher Fiona Lee seeks to empower parent learners to claim their own knowledge in creative and compassionate ways. By exploring how dominant parenting discourses and traditional sources of parent knowledge undermine individual and communal mother and father learning she explores how these tensions influence the relational, spiritual, embodied, and artistic learning that she and her fellow parent learners reflect upon and re-imagine on a daily basis. Employing autobiographical bricolage, she questions prevailing ideas while she listens for and practices the inspiring "methods and meaning" of which Grumet (1988) speaks (p. 89). By combining narrative, poetry, and critical analysis in a rich, layered expression, Fiona reveals the complexity of her own mother learning experience while risking vulnerability in an effort to elevate her mothering, writing, research and teaching to new possibilities.


Fiona Lee is the coordinator of a single mothers' support program who recently completed her Master of Arts in Adult Education at the University of British Columbia. Fiona employs creative techniques for inquiry and analysis in her writing, research, and teaching. Her areas of interest are compassion, complexity, a/r/tography and parent learning.
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