Psychology of Change in IT Management

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Dezember 2011



For the past few decades, the evolution of Information Technology has taken major steps in impacting all spheres of our day to day life. With the ever growing demands for newer technologies and IT services, we have seen a quick emergence in the drive for the innovators and pioneers. Such psychological change for competing the next new technological idol has indeed pushed many companies to emerge as superpowers engulfing the whole market with revolutionary ideas and devices. Whilst Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are prime examples demonstrating this rapid growth within a short lapse, yet it is an undeniable fact that the master-minds behind governing these companies towards success also play a vital part.


Ms.Tarabukhina is highly motivated business consultant with a proven record of delivering value-driven technology projects. An award-winning graduate from a joint MSc programme between University of Reading,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,University Carlos III Madrid and Trinity College Dublin.
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