Statistical Analysis of Crimes in India

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Dezember 2011



Crime is an integral part of society. Crime is not only a subject of great interest for the students of sociology and law but it has become a topic of major public interest because of the raising rate of crime. The upward trend in crime rate can be attributed to modern urbanization and industrialization, advance of science technology growth of civilization and advent of materialization. Police services have become the most essential of the various public sector industries. The job of policing covers a wide range of activities including traditional crime detection and prevention. The police, court and prison are the main sources of crime statistics. Crime statistics involves counting of crimes in order to relate them to time place and circumstances. The statistics of crimes help the law enforcement agencies to spot out preponderance of crime at a particular time place and region.


Dr. K. Murali (32)working as Contract Lecturer in S.V. Agricultural College, Dept. of Statistics & Maths,Tiruapti, India. He has presented 12 research papers at National and International Seminars/Coferences.He has also published 5 articles in reputed journals.
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