Micro Finance and Poverty Alleviation

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Dezember 2011



The community development programme was the first rural development programme launched in India. Because of poor implementation and lack of commitment the programme has failed. Now government has shifted its emphasis on individual targets to group targets. The women Self Help Group s(SHGs) which are covered by the SGSY programme are progressing in different states of India. Hence it is appropriate to study the various dimensions of the participation of women SHG members in the SGSY programme. This study concentrated on to find the effectiveness and implementation of SGSY's project in Kerala. SUBICSHA is one of the Projects of SGSY implemented in Kerala. The researcher made an attempt to find out whether the SGSY's is able to alleviate poverty in Kerala through SUBICSHA. With the use of Primary data the study revealed that SGSY is able to improve the standard of living of people of Kerala. Therefore it is suggested to adopt similar type of projects in many other part of India.


Minija has M.Com., M.Phil to her credit and has two years of teaching and research experience. Presently she is a full time research scholar doing research in the area of financial development leading to Ph.D. Her area of interests are Financial Management,Micro Finance and Accountancy.
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