Assessing the Role of Traditional Land Management Practices

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Dezember 2011



Traditional land management is one of the practices that almost small household farmers were tried to implement on their farmland to improve cropland productivity in the study area.The practices were improved the physical structure of the soil by supplying organic matter through decomposition of crop residues.Land management practices also improve the cropland productivity by reducing nutrient losses by water erosion.The contribution of these traditional land management practices in cropland productivity improvement was yet not studied in the study area and that why this research intended to identify the role of the practices in improving productivity for up scaling by analyzing soil chemical properties in the laboratory.


I was studied my BSc degree in Haramaya University and graduated in Agricultural extension in year 2007 and MSc degree in Environmental Science at Ambo University in a year 2011.I have been working in ministry of agriculture for the last 20 years and currently I am lecturer at Wollegga University Ethiopia.
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