Siraiki: A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Desertion

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Dezember 2011



The main focus of this thesis is the phenomenon of Siraiki language maintenance and language shift in Multan. This is the first study of its kind carried out on any Pakistani language. The study examines the speech practices of rural and urban Siraiki Multanis in the home domain in the light of various demographic, social, political, and affective factors. It highlights the complex relationship of these factors with regard to change in the language use patterns of the Siraikis. The major sources of data for this study comprise of results from a matched-guise test, recorded speech of Siraikis in the home domain, and interviews. Triangulation of data and methods have been used in this research. The findings suggest that the phenomenon of Siraiki language maintenance/shift is differential in rural and urban Multan and no single factor can be held responsible for any changed or changing speech practices of the Siraikis. The conclusion argues that the attitude of the speakers towards their language is equally important in this process.


Saiqa Imtiaz Asif is Professor and Director at English Language Center in Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. She has published extensively in sociolinguistics and ELT in leading international journals and represented Pakistan at several international conferences in the UK , USA, Tajikistan, Sweden, China, Japan and Egypt.
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