Islanders and Education: The I-Kiribati Experience

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Dezember 2011



The Republic of Kiribati is under threat from climate change, leaving the growing population vulnerable to the elements. Sea water inundation occurs regularly, reducing the thin water lens beneath the island. This is the main source of fresh drinking water for the I-Kiribati people. Strategies to improve future outcomes for the population include international education initiatives. This book tells the story of one such initiative. Mobilising I-Kiribati youth for the purposes of education is not without difficulties. Students are leaving their Island homes to travel to Australia in the hopes of achieving a nursing qualification. Chapter by chapter this work explores the student experience from an Indigenous perspective, following the cycle of the seasons. Go on a journey with the researcher and the students as they tell their stories of studying in Australia.


Melissa Carey is a registered nurse in Australia. Melissa has been working as a nursing Lecturer since 2006, and as an International Student Contact Officer in 2009-10. Melissa is currently a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Australia.
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