Print Media Framing on Presidential Candidates

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Dezember 2011



Framing Theory is concerned with the whole process of manufacturing news from everyday reality where jounalists have to choose to focus on certain aspects and leave others out inevitably giving news a dominant theme,which was developed from Agenda Setting in Late 20th Century. The framing of presidential candidates during the multiparty era in Tanzania had a great impact on how media framed the presidential candidates and issues they proposed to the electrorate.This gave the new phenomenon of the media in terms of perfomance because of the increase of political parties in the first multiparty election since independence held in 1995, and ten years later(2005)gave the trend of print media coverage of presidential candidates in both Government and Private media. The fact that Framing, being the aspect chosen by a journalist in a story, has a big effect on how the audience receive the message, it has an influence on how an individual would perceive information in one way or another.


M.s Janeth Mushi obtained her MA degree in Media Studies at Daystar University in Nairobi Kenya, in 2010.Since then she has worked as Assistant Lecture at St. Augustine University of Tanzania in the field of Journalism and Communications leacturing on Basic News Reporting and News Editing as one of the core practical courses in Journalism.
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