The Role of Employer in Employee Career Development

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November 2013



Employee Development has been passed from the state to the employer and now the employee. where does the buck stop?The states resources are being diverted to other developments other than employee, the organizations are restructuring,re-engineering, rightsizing,downsizing. hence we ask what role is the employer playing to give its employee a softer landing from these diverstating effects? what can the individual employee do to keep themselves abreast with the market demands hence seal the prevailing lacuna in career development and avert issues of retrenchment and being 'obsolete.


Ms. Chelangat is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy Degree(PhD)in Human Resource Management. she pursued a Master of Philosophy Degree(M.PHIL) in Human Resource Development in 2008 and a Bachelors Degree(B.ARTS)in Public Administration.She is an author of articles in other reputed journals and a professional member of Kenya Institute of Management.
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