Optimization of microwave assisted Hydrodistillation in Oil extraction

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April 2016



In the wake of energy crisis, the alternatives for energy sources are much demanded. the use of herbs and plants in food industry has a long history. the disversity among the components of the plants has resulted in their use in many applications including flavors and medicine. The conventional methods for the extraction of essential oils such as Hydrodistillation (HD)and soxhlet in which the essential oils are evaporated by heating a mixture of water and plant materials followed by the liquefaction of the vapors in a condenser. These methods suffers from several disadvantages including losses in the volatile compounds, long extraction time and degradation of some components through thermal process.Microwave heating has an incontestable place in analytical and organic laboratory practices. In this book, microwave-assisted hydrodistillation (MAHD)was used to extract an essential oil from ginger. Results were compared with conventional hydrodistillation method. Results show that MAHD faster in extraction time, yield and costs compared with HD method.


Professor Abdurahman H Nour: PhD, 2006 Faculty of Chemical& Natural Resources Eng. University Technology Malaysia; M.Sc, 2003 Chemical Engineering(oil& gas), Aalborg University, Denmark 2003. M.Sc, 2000, Faculty of Chemical& Environmental Engineering, University Putra Malaysia, 2000. B.Sc, 1994 Petroleum Engineering, University of AlFateh, 1994.
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Untertitel: Ginger; GC-MS; chemical composition of ginger oil; microwave oven; induction time for MAHD&HD; 3D surface of ginger oil. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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